• Resident Cleaning

    Resident Cleaning

    When you hire us for your house cleaning, you will have the most complete, most thorough professional housekeeping services available! We customize our cleaning to meet your needs and expectations. Our services are available for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one-time cleaning.

  • Commercial Cleaning

    Commercial Cleaning

    We customize an office-cleaning program specifically for your setting. We also offer indoor potted plants which have dramatically gained popularity in recent years, it creates an inviting entrance-way and warm welcome to business offices and public locations

  • Service Apartment Cleaning

    Service Apartment Cleaning

    We clean and maintain your apartments for your guest use before, during and after each stay. Our services include replacement of laundry, toiletries, plumbing, gardening, electrical work, housekeeping and any other maintenance need of your apartment.

  • Upholstery Cleaning

    Upholstery Cleaning

    This is our specialized service, inclusive of all internal & external areas with glass/window, furniture/stainless steel equipments, floors, sofa/carpet/upholstery shampooing, wash-rooms, pavers, ceiling, roofs etc.... 95% stain removal from all surfaces guaranteed.

About Us

WILSON PHOTO Mr. Wilson Rodrigues , Proprietor
RODRICKS Housekeeping & Cleaning Services established in 1998 provides complete cleaning solutions for Residential and Commercial premises, Government Institutions, passenger vehicles such as aircraft, boats and trains, etc. Our vast experience accumulated through the years, the professionalism and the pursuit for excellence in cleanliness, disinfection and hygiene has been our driving force.

Our success lies in our expertise to train and manage staff to achieve high standards of cleaning and hygiene. Our cleaning products and processes are eco-friendly to take utmost care of surfaces by using appropriate products and up to date technologies which gives us the privilege to achieve complete satisfaction of our clients.



  • Rita Mody Joshi & Associates

    - Rita Mody Joshi & Associates


    When an odour repellent was sprayed in my smoke-filled office room it was a blessing and none of the staff were exposed to passive smoking. This great product, was also used for my daughter’s apartment in Pune! Not only was the product delivered to her doorstep, the visitors were taken aback by the doggy smell in her apartment which totally vanished.

  • Nikhil Shah

    - Nikhil Shah

    Crown Electronics

    We have known Wilson Rodrigues for nearly 2 years. His soft and pleasing personality, helping nature, commitment towards business, professional, disciplined and honest nature are few good traits. I sincerely thank Wilson and look forward to a long association of friendship and business cooperation with Wilson. I have absolutely no doubt in the capabilities of Wilson & his team at Rodricks to handle and execute Projects to Clients requirements and satisfaction in his line of Profession..

  • Vijay Laximan Bhike

    - Vijay Laximan Bhike


    I would highly recommend Mr. Wilson Rodrigues and his staff in regards to “House Cleaning Services’, as his team cleaned our house to sparkle as ever in just 6 hours time. I would highly recommend everyone to hire his services and avail his high class house cleaning solutions every time.

  • Moninder Singh

    - Moninder Singh


    Your team was Par Excellence! In Cleaning & the Maintenance! They put up 14 hours a day, to keep the dust at bay! No hustle, no bustle but with dirt, they did tussle. They were tired but never retired! With strength that drained out, they fired; for you , your team. I pray, for prosperity & happiness all the way!

  • Fauzia Khan Farooqui

    - Fauzia Khan Farooqui

    Managing Partner, Designer Homes

    Wilson Rodrigues and his team did an intensive Deep Cleaning of my Residence last week every nook, corner and crevice was dusted, mopped and cleaned. The team transformed my beautiful home into an ever prettier abode. Well not just that, his team scrubbed clean the entire area around my house.Special mention of his supervisor Mr. Wilson, who is such a dedicated person and true to his work. I had left my diamond rings on the kitchen top as I had to rush out for a brief period, it was not more than 20 mins. since I had left, I got a call from him saying that he found my two rings in the kitchen and that he will keep it with him until I get back.Such unheard of honesty and dedication his team and firm symbolize. I strongly recommend Mr. Wilson Rodrigues and his Services.... you will not settle for anyone after they have done your job.... now I have signed an AMC with him.... I know my home is in safe and clean hands.Wish you and your Company great success.!

  • Melvin Viegas

    - Melvin Viegas


    I, Adv. Melwin Viegas, had recently engaged the services of Rodricks and my wife is very very particular about cleanliness almost fastidious about the same and Wilson and his team were able to please her not only for the deep cleaning but even for the upholstery cleaning and my wife has refused to give any Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) to several entities who have cleaned our house over the years before us engaging Wilson and his team but after seeing their Job she had promptly given them the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). Even though Wilson left after sometime his team continued with the same dedication and literally without any supervision and the end result was stupendous and my wife literally ran the white glove test and even then Wilson and his team emerged with flying colours.I highly recommend Wilson Rodrigues and his team Rodricks

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